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We attempt to get all of our shipping estimates directly from UPS and display them on the ordering page, but on occasion those rates are not accurate. We will use the exact shipping rate UPS charges us on the day of your shipment and this will be reflected on the invoice that we mail to you. We do not add any handling charges so the rate you pay will be the rate UPS charges.

We are working on placing an option on the ordering page that will allow you to place your own UPS Shipping Number, but in the meantime, you can put it into the comment box, and I'll make sure we use that and no shipping charges will be on the invoice you receive.

Most of you have been regular customers of Screen Prep Supply) for years, and I'm the one you've always called to place your orders. I will still be the one who fills your online orders and I will use the information that I have on file unless you specifically state otherwise in the comment box on the ordering page... so don't worry!

-If I have your UPS#, I'll use that...

-If you've got net 30 terms with us, I'll use that...

-If you have a credit card on file with us, I'll use that!

The only difference is I won't get the opportunity to talk to you over the phone... ahh, the price we pay for modern convenience.

You can still call me sometimes though!

Thanks so much for your business!

William Eaton, Screen Prep Supply, 256-710-1625

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